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A customizable environment to provide regulatory compliance, create a solid risk management framework and make customer onboarding as friendly as possible
Identity verification software
AI-based identity verification software
Play with settings, and add different verification and compliance assessment steps to provide for maximized user experience at the desired verification confidence.
Just 5% of corner cases are handled by compliance officers.
More conversions due to user centricity.
95% Automation
24/7 Support
≈ 97% hit rate
Fewer false positives.
Comprehensive integration
iOS, Android, API, and WebSDK.
Sum&Substance: High Reliability
Sum&Substance: Flexible Settings
Sum&Substance: Full Veracity

ID Document verification

Integrity, authenticity checks, and database checks

Biometric checks

Matching an ID with a selfie, liveness checks


Scammer blacklists and third-party databases
AML/KYC Service for Europe, North America and Asia
Global coverage with 2500+ types of documents from 150+ countries.

Risk-based approach that follows global and local regulatory norms (including FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS).

Personal data protection whether your customers come from Europe (GDPR), the USA, Asia (PDPA) or CIS (FZ-152).

Ongoing monitoring for document validity and constant checking against all the PEPs is included.
AML/KYC service
All-in-one workplace for your compliance officers
Sumsub is a trusted AML/KYC service provider offering a wide range of solutions from fully automated identity verification to semi-automated and agent-assisted verification.
reduction of manual workload
items analyzed every day
of fraud attributes covered
5 mln
Still concerned?
A comprehensive fraud prevention solution
A proprietary database of more than 100 000 blacklisted fraudsters and scammers
Minimum costs – you pay for users, not for checks
Multilevel risk assessment – 4 easy to understand risk tiers
Seamless integration into any business environment
Single and multi-account web SDK, mobile SDK and other integrated solutions. Custom solution tailored for your UI/UX.
Fully featured ecosystem
API integration
All the functionality you may need to integrate our data and checks into your risk management program.
A simple widget that will work well on any website.
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